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Minor Wound Care Tips for Seniors

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Minor Wound Care Tips for Seniors

One of the biggest benefits of residing in an assisted living community is that you know someone will come if you call for help. If you scratch yourself deep enough to draw a concerning amount of blood while going about normal household tasks or engaging in your favorite hobby, you can have a trained staff member take a look almost immediately. That offers a great deal of peace of mind for seniors who never know if a cut or abrasion is something to treat at home or seek emergency assistance for.

But even when you have someone nearby to call for help, it's good to understand some basic wound care. Older adults, especially those dealing with chronic illnesses, can be at greater risk of wound infections and complications. So, taking proper care of even a small cut can mean the difference between a minor irritation and a serious issue that requires a doctor's visit or hospitalization.

Here are some minor wound care tips for seniors.

When In Doubt, Get Checked Out

It's better safe than sorry when it comes to bruising or anything that opens your skin to the elements. Never feel like you're bothering the staff at Bethesda Gardens assisted living community in Fort Worth when you ask them to consult with you on a health care concern. They're happy to help and that's one of the reasons they're there.

If you're still not sure about your wound or you have any concerns, then call your doctor or ask for assistance in seeking emergency services, especially if bleeding won't stop or you're experiencing a serious amount of pain.

Apply Pressure Immediately

Whether it's a tiny cut you know is fine or a more serious wound you want someone to look at, don't let the blood flow freely. Apply pressure with a clean, dry cloth or a bandage. Applying pressure to a wound helps slow down the bleeding and allows the area to begin to clot, which is an important first step in healing.

Keep the Wound and Surrounding Area Clean

If you seek medical attention for a wound, your health care professional will likely provide specific care and cleaning instructions. Make sure you follow them or ask for assistance from the Bethesda Gardens staff if you need help with keeping your wound clean. One of the most dangerous things about a wound can be any infection that complicates healing, especially for older adults.

Even if you experience a minor cut, follow good cleaning habits. Wash the area with warm, soapy water and pat it dry. Apply antibiotic ointment to ward off germs and infection, and then keep the wound covered with a clean, dry bandage. Change bandages or other coverings regularly to keep the wound as clean as possible. If you're ever unsure how to treat any type of wound, or find yourself dealing with a cut without the right supplies in your assisted living apartment, reach out to the staff for assistance. We here to help keep you healthy and active so you can enjoy life in the community.

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